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I am a freelance researcher having written on arms conversion and international security for various peace organisations including CND, CAAT and for trade unions. My main interest is workers control …  READ MORE

The Commonwealth of Anarchy

Working-class Emancipation from Capitalism and Militarism. Steven Schofield, January 2022. Introduction: I am not a patriot and I have no interest in national security. The only thing that matters is … READ MORE

The Rise of Anarchy

A version of the Mask of Anarchy with a modern interpretation based on the pandemic. (written on the first anniversary of the pandemic massacre) READ MORE

Rebuilding Imperial Delusions – The UK’s Security Review 2021

If any one official publication could be said to encapsulate everything that is wrong with the British state, then the  latest in the series of so-called ‘fundamental’ security reviews would be it. After much delay, ‘Global Britain in a competitive age…’  READ MORE

The Billionaire Games – A Modest Proposal for the Decimation of the Billionaire Class by Lottery and Public Execution – new eBook

Decarbonise, Demilitarise, Democratise: Building a Resilient Economy in a post-Covid-19 World

June 10, 2020 – by Admin

Like millions of people around the world in May 2020, I am at home adjusting to the new reality of lockdown as this terrible, Covid-19 crisis unfolds. Laurie Garrett’s book, … READ MORE



My songwriting focuses on political themes and reflects a range of musical influences from pop through to classical. Lyrically, subject matters include the environmental crisis, capitalist exploitation and working-class struggles. … READ MORE

See Bandcamp for more info
See Bandcamp for more info