The Billionaire Games – A Modest Proposal for the Decimation of the Billionaire Class by Lottery and Public Execution

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Working people have achieved a remarkable, global revolution, overthrowing the billionaire class and ending their reign of terror. Chained and shackled in Guantanamo Bay, the thousand richest oppressors face working-class justice as the International Court for Retribution and Punishment opens its proceedings.

The crimes of the billionaire oppressors are legion, from the destruction of working-class communities to the destruction of the global environment. And all to furnish their lives of material excess and debauchery. When judgement is passed, a decimation lottery will be held to select one hundred prisoners for participation in the Billionaire Games, televised to a global, working-class audience. These will be severe punishments that reflect the enormity of their crimes but also offer the possibility of redemption.

Only then can the working classes achieve a full and transcendent reckoning – a political, social, economic and psychological renewal. Only then can every working person live full and creative lives in vibrant, working-class communities. Only then can we enter the new and glorious age – the age of the proletariat!

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