The Rise of Anarchy

(written on the first anniversary of the pandemic massacre)

As they lie deceptively
Breathing scarcely, shallowly
Transmission to eternity
The viral lords’ new deity

A conjuror of lives now gone
Murderous Boris Johnson
Greed is god and universe
Empathy and love perverse

Stranded on a ventilator
By the bloated, world dictators
A hundred here, a million there
United in intensive care
Isolated in despair

Let loose the drooling dog Patel
The screaming, snarling hound from hell
Build an insane asylum
Called the New Jerusalem

Bring your poor and destitute
Some to slaves and some to shoot
If from labour’s woes they shirk
Freedom comes to those who work

Dance of death diplomacy
Marines and army, royal navy
Raab an oozing, oil discharge
Secretes the poison far and wide

Sceptic isle so well defended
With the right to life suspended
Riding on a nuclear bomb
He sings the patriotic song

They disguised as liberty
Spread the legs of monarchy
Spawn the birth of a nation
An Antichrist abomination

Straddling the royal procession
Through the ranks of desolation
Subjects kneel and genuflect
At the world’s colossal wreck

Such appetites are never sated
As the hordes capitulated
With their heads so well exposed
Smash their brains out on the road

Feeding frenzy for the cutter
Roll their heads into the gutter
While the corpses fight for life
Thank them for their sacrifice

Fighter aircraft soar and swoop
With their fiery trails of blood
Screaming jets on their fly-by
City bathed in a crimson sky

Troop the colours, sword in hand
Slash and burn at their command
Dessicated flesh well made
For the ticker-tape parade

Animals in prime position
For the atrocity exhibition
Every last endangered species
Flayed alive and ripped to pieces

Flags unfurled made of their skin
For all the wars yet to win
What a sweet and noble thing
This slaughterhouse for god and king

Church bells call to the assassins
Iron fists in gloves of satin
Resplendent in their ermine cloaks
To gently squeeze and gently choke

Silver coins a just reward
To burnish pyramids of gold
With pharaoh’s sneer they make their case
Greed is god and universe

A palace of debauchery
The crown of pure hypocrisy
Corona virus coronation
And mass murder celebration

Grinning from their velvet seats
Reflecting barbarous deceits
Democracy for rich elites
And misery for those who weep

The conjurer completes the trick
Disappear the poor, the sick
And with seasoned smile
Gives the plausible denial

Everything is for the best
(To me the spoils, to hell the rest)
The viral king whose reign shall be
From here to all eternity

But from the depths of devastation
Comes the voice of liberation
Male and female we will be
The one true People’s Anarchy

Even now the temples crumble
The god of mammon staggers, stumbles
Anarchy casts off its chains
The people shall be free again

Soft at first the voices call
We are one and we are all
We will grow and build in strength
One voice to fill the firmaments

Heard by countless generations
Stirred by hopes of our salvation
For the world as it should be
Peace and love and anarchy

United now in sound and vision
Freedom from their earthly prison
We are what we can be
The hope for all humanity

Echoes over distant mountains
Swelling over seas and oceans
Through hurricanes and tidal waves
Never more to be their slaves

Sweep through corridors of power
Tyrants flee and tyrants cower
As their reign of greed and lust
Bleeds away and turns to dust

Onward flows the great tsunami
The people’s song, the people’s army
Swelling in a heavenly choir
Bursting through the lairs of liars

Topple towers of opulence
And statues to their great offence
Engulfing each and every Shard
Reaching further to the stars

Chorus to the heavens high
A universe to sanctify
Prelude to the great rebirth
Of mother Nature, mother Earth

As the sweetest dawn awakens
Those denied and those forsaken
Ride a golden beam of light
Girdle Earth in love’s delight

The hounds of hell obliterated
Tyrants now incarcerated
Their crimes against humanity
Fill the halls of infamy
Await their final destiny

Slavers now themselves in chains
By the people’s court arraigned
Tribunal of the revolution
With justice and firm execution

Hear the case of their offence
A litany without defence
Base, amoral creatures
Defiling every law of nature

The billionaire conspiracy
Polluters of air, land and sea
Accumulating all the wealth
Step by step and stealth by stealth

Stealing from the dispossessed
In offshore bank accounts amassed
Looters of the world’s great treasures
Displayed, disposed of at their leisure

And as our precious planet burns
Celebrate the profits turned
Morality is cast aside
With equal measure take their pride
In genocide and ecocide

Counting out their gilt-edged stocks
In their armour-plated yachts
In their fortresses of gold
Human life is bought and sold

But their greatest crime must be
Beyond murder, larceny
Beyond these abominations
To make of hope contamination

To see those eyes of deep despair
Wounded by their woes and cares
Fertile lands turned to sand
Gold-dust through the withered hands

Or rendered as inchoate rage
Like wild beasts in an iron cage
Nothing now remains
The death of hope exterminates

But we will have the people’s court
For justice lost and justice sought
Firm and fearless retribution
Hope will live in restitution

We will have a reckoning
In the Great Awakening
Eyes filled with determination
Firm resolve for our salvation

The day of judgement has arrived
The people’s will no more denied
Tyrants shake and tyrants shiver
The jury’s verdict is delivered

To all assembled crowds
Through every city, every town
A silence held in expectation
Through every country, every nation

Guilty, guilty they must be
For crimes against humanity
The revolutionary tribunal
To end them in a pauper’s funeral
To end them in eternal hell

Delivered in the sombrest tones
Yes, even with our mortal foes
To reconcile we must strive
To keep the flame of hope alive

For all human emancipation
Through the peaceful constitution
Written on a brand new page
To usher in the golden age

Transcend the crimes of yesteryears
A reckoning without the fear
Without the prisons and the chains
We shall all be free again

At this great deliberation
A mighty roar of acclimation
Swelling, soaring overhead
Free from horror, free from dread

Celebrate our commonwealth
Peace within and of itself
This is now our common bond
To all we cherish, love and hold

An unbroken, human chain
From lands of ice to arid plains
From ocean isles to desert sands
Confidently hand in hand

Raise the banners to the sky
The proclamation held up high
We are what we can be
The hope for all humanity

In words of power and of grace
To represent the human race
Nature in ourselves united
A silver thread of fire ignited
Life’s tapestry no more divided

Now the people’s celebration
Unveil the Greatest Exhibition
Of all the treasures liberated
Art and culture elevated

Fill their halls of infamy
With the sweetest symphonies
A creative renaissance
A phoenix in the fire’s rebirth

Science as peace innovated
Not war’s handmaid mutilated
Conversion to the cause that soon
Will heal the metabolic wounds

Panoramic in ambition
Fulfil the people’s boldest mission
From their pandemonium
Calm seas and a warming sun

From their infernal death machines
Crops that feed and air that breathes
Poisons now eliminated
Future lives regenerated

Flocks to blacken out the sun
Thunderous herds roll on and on
Nature’s appetites well fed
Truly, greed and god are dead

Anarchy, the Great Awakening
The people’s age, the proletarian
Each in themselves authority
And through themselves democracy

Boundaries are now extensions
A limitless imagination
Human beings and machines
Vivid technicolour dreams

Not profit or our skills debased
But craft and social usefulness
Free and strong associations
Assembled to construct elation

Designs to stretch the fifth dimension
Without force or domination
Shimmering and practical
All for one and one for all

The roots of life through labour
Amazonias to savour
Shared in mutuality
And in love’s philosophy

Such beauty in diversity
As one in perfect harmony
With our artistic grace
To celebrate the human race
Anarchy in time and place

Even as with one last spasm
They draw us closer to the chasm
Desperate in their final claim
To resurrect the vampire reign

Howling to the crimson moon
Transform to feral multitudes
You who strive to set us free
The Republic of Equality

Or as calamitous undead
Raised again for new bloodshed
How many spectres from the past
Are to evil’s banner massed?

The harvest then is still to reap
Diggers wake from quiet sleep
Rouse themselves to make a stand
For our green and common land

Levellers unhesitating
Liberty and life proclaiming
Communards in their masses
From slumbers draw the working classes

Vast in number, just in cause
From them revolution flows
Cascading rivers to the fountains
Flowing, endless far horizons

Against their forces now deployed
Love and hope to be destroyed
An army for the end of days
Hell in perpetuity

How many missiles newly primed
From every vantage point aligned
Perversions of biology
To spread plague across the seas?

How many forms of destruction
Beyond all imagination
Cosmic in their devastation
Apocalyptic in ambition?

Our stories are our armoury
Our rock against their weaponry
One invisible shield
We will not kneel, we will not yield

Our struggles are our legacy
Protection from their tyranny
Through every factory and field
Defenders of the Commonweal

Our strength is our imagination
Our genius for transformation
Their war by every brutal means
Repelled through our collective dream

To make of their perversity
Such as seems absurdity
Missiles flower sweet bouquets
Plagues are perfumed winds to please

All the spectral forms obscene
Awakened and redeemed
Ready now to take their place
Ancestors of the human race

Ancient times of sacrifice
Have brought for us the fullest life
With our comrades once again
The struggle never was in vain
Their spirit is through us reclaimed

Generations yet to be born
Embrace them as in human form
See in us life multiplied
Say their final, fond goodbyes

The crimson streams of Peterloo
Are flesh and blood to me and you
Enemies new terrors sent
Will become our nourishment

Steadfast spirit unabated
Wounds are wellsprings created
Nothing in their butchery
Can harm the revolutionary

Until their final rage is spent
Ready to give testament
That the people’s liberation
Ends at last their domination

Beacons lit and trumpets sound
To send the message clear and loud
Peace has its greatest victory
In the People’s Anarchy

In the assemblies’ fond embrace
To celebrate a state of grace
Love enduring makes us whole
Welcome those who join the call

Seek your comrades eye to eye
Never will that spirit die
Hope burns in each reflection
Radiating sweet elation

Power stored in our labour
Of a strength that nothing greater
Ever saw such mortal form
When unleashed like an atom storm

And the voices high are raised
In one triumphant chorus praised
We are what we can be
The hope for all humanity
Anarchy, True Anarchy

Steven Schofield
(April 2021)

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